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HoloLens is the first, fully self-contained, holographic computer. Using sensors to scan an environment, it accurately perceives the physical items in a space while accounting for the general topography. Using gestures and voice commands, HoloLens enables the user to interact, collaborate and visualize their work in a new way, transforming their world into a mixed reality. I redesigned the HoloLens website for an upcoming release. In addition to page design, I art-directed videos, streamlined site-wide UX, and A/B-tested strategic design changes. The upgraded site led to an increase in device purchases, while the creative content shaped HoloLens’ digital brand.


Art Direction, Design and UX



HoloLens Development Edition

Commercial Industries Video

I art-directed a video for HoloLens that was composed of existing material. Editing these pieces allowed me to curate the direction of the content while focusing on the commercial industries that utilize the product.

Mobile Experience

HoloLens Tablet Layout
HoloLens Mobile Layout
HoloLens Mobile Layout
HoloLens Mobile Layout